Tonight, Bogalusa City Council Members passed a resolution in support of an application to create the “BOGALUSA HISTORIC CULTURAL DISTRICT”. I want to thank those who supported the resolution. Bogalusa Rebirth has agreed to serve as the volunteer lead liaison and will work in partnership with the City to submit the application to Lt Governor Billy Nungesser’s Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism. If you would like to volunteer to be part of this effort, please contact myself or the Mayors Office as soon as possible as the application is due August 1st. If approved, and a Louisiana Cultural District is established here in our beloved Bogalusa, the district will have many incentives in regards to State Commercial Tax Credits. If a property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is also located within a Louisiana Cultural District, the rehabilitation project could receive both federal and state tax credits (up to 40% of rehab cost). Programs such as this are vital for transformative development. Also, if approved, artist may sell original art in the district without charging local sales tax. These are just some of the economic tools that have been developed, primarily because of the good foresight of Louisiana Legislators, who have the vision to help preserve our historic structures. Thanks to Senator Beth Sherman Mizell and Representative Malinda Brumfield-White for supporting House Bill #4, now Act # 25, in which Governor John Bel Edwards just signed last week to extend the Louisiana Historic Tax Credit Program for an additional four years. These programs encourage the rehabilitation of historic buildings by offering tax incentives, while supporting and stimulating cultural economic activity. These activities are necessary for sparking revitalization in the community by creating a hub of cultural activity. Thanks to our Mayor, Wendy Perrette for her ongoing support of our efforts.
Thank you so much to those council members who are helping to connect the dots to stack the state and federal tax credits that essentially will preserve our strong history and diversity.
On behalf of Bogalusa Rebirth, we are proud to be part of developing a culture of a vibrant and thriving city. We will continue to nurture relationships with other government entitles that can help fulfill such.
Council Vote
Drummond: Aye
Douglas: Aye
Kates: Nay
Keys: Aye
Kellis: Aye
Graham: Nay
Irvine: Aye