Project Save Bogalusa has is pleased to announce that the organization has successfully partnered with the City of Bogalusa in a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement for the donation of adjudicated properties.  Project Save Bogalusa shall perform specific tasks benefiting The City of Bogalusa in their efforts of getting adjudicated or condemned properties back on the tax rolls and back into commerce. Together, in this endeavor, each party will foster blighted property redevelopment.  As the work of this endeavor continues, these services will begin to turn the vicious cycle of destabilized neighborhoods around and begin to encourage a rippling effect of rehabilitation.  Project Save Bogalusa’s services will be of benefit to it’s mission, to the residents of the city as a whole, and to the benefit of The City of Bogalusa.  Ultimately, the services rendered will eliminate the blight in the neighborhoods by demolishing properties that pose a threat to public safety while mending the eyes sores of deterioration in Bogalusa and surrounding areas.  We are excited to working closely with the City on this endeavor.

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