Bogalusa Rebirth is pleased to announce that it has been successfully approved to be included in the Rural Community Development Initiative Grant (RCDI) through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The Housing Assistance Council (HAC), a non-profit organization that helps build homes and communities, will administer the grant that will provide a plan for technical assistance, training and reimburse expenses with Federal Funds for the purpose of improving the organizations capacity and stimulating low to moderate income housing production. HAC’s mission is a commitment to serve the poorest and most disadvantaged people in rural America. HAC’s initiatives include:
Affordable Housing for rural Veterans
Rural Senior Housing
Persistent Poverty
High Needs Regions
Rural Homelessness
High Needs Regions

Our organization is super excited to have these grant resources available to us. We look forward to working with HAC on these endeavors! For more information, visit