Earth Day 13

As a part of our commitment to saving Bogalusa, we believe that preserving our natural environment is critical. In honor of Earth Day, we participated in a few eco-friendly activities around town.

Earth Day organizer Emma Dixon along with LSU AgCenter Master Gardener Ronnie Brennan planted a pineapple plant and a blueberry plant in front of the YMCA on Ave U in Bogalusa.  To support the efforts of the Earth Day project,Wendy Williams, executive director of Save Bogalusa, spent the day volunteering her time to the project.  Organizers teamed up with Green Light green light new orleansNew Orleans, an organization that promotes reduced energy consumption by providing free energy efficient light bulbs. We share the belief that individual actions can make a difference, and together we distributed light bulbs to over 100 families in Bogalusa.

We hope these small changes inspire others in our community to do what they can to improve our environment.

Happy Earth Day 2013, and let’s resolve to celebrate all year!